Sunday, January 17, 2010

decietfulness of Sin - poem & photo by Kent


She dances on a dew bejeweled land
Where light and silk, walk hand in silvered hand,
Weaving crystal threads with lucent strands - -
- Those few bedazzled visitors who stray
To watch the seductive prisms' proud display,
Can never seem to tear themselves away.

Ask the fly, who stopped to admire this sparkling spectacle, why he came. "The experience was irresistibly seductive", he might say. He might add, with philosophical contempt: "Could anything this radiant be ruinous? Anything this brilliant be base? Could such shimmering bring suffering?" Then, he might end with a profound proverbial quip;
"Only a fool would be frightened
of something so enlightened."

"Has the experience made you feel more alive?" we ask. But, strangely there is no reply. Perhaps he is completely wrapped up in the pure pleasure of the moment.

It is no accident that scripture uses the term "deceitful" to describe the nature of sin. If we could have seen the piranhas we would never have taken that refreshing dip in the river. God has told us that there is no real worth in wealth, no lasting love in lust, no pot of gold at the end of prides' proud display. He has tried to open our eyes to see the decaying carcasses in the corners of sins' web, wrapped in inescapable bonds of dissatisfaction, heartache, misery and regret.
The sin, that so easily entangles, is weaving crystal threads with lucent strands, yet it almost seems, as we are pondering whether or not God really knows what He is talking about, that something is sucking the very life right out of us!

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